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Went to Hyytiälä for a Developmental biology meeting this Fri-Sat and was lucky to meet my former colleague Shinya.

And he had some exiting news to share – not only is he a Drosophila (fruit fly) expert, now he’s also a professional Mölkky player!

He and some friends from Japan have formed a Japanese mölkky team and are now trying to bring this very Finnish game to Japan.  

Here’s a video from when they participated in a tournament in Slovakia.

The world championship of mölkky is played in Lahti every year, and the best thing is that anyone can participate. Just get a group of 4-6 people together and start practicing!


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The reason for my travels was my friend/cousin Anna-Karin’s 30th birthday. And here she is!

And it wouldn’t be a party without a gorgeous cake by Carina and accordion music by Anna-Stina.

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Weekend home

Went home for the weekend. My parents are renovating the kitchen so our attic was filled with beauties like these:

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After this year’s crazy days I decided to see how many unread books I actually possess. Quite a few as it turns out. Two of which are currently in theaters… Apart from the obvious problem of how I’ll find the time to read them all, I’m currently wondering if I’ll even be able to drag the Patrick Rothfuss novel with me to Kvevlax next weekend.


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A cougar in town

There is an old woman in Turku who likes to hit on younger men. She especially likes their buttocks.

Yesterday I saw her in action.

A strapping young man, tall Americanesque, was out jogging. When he stopped at a crossing the old lady saw her chance. I guess the jogging tights were just too much of a temptation.

When she strolled past him, supported by her walker (rollator), she stretched out a hand and pinched his butt. It was a second’s action and then she just continued on her merry way.

And what could the confused looking gentleman do but smile.

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I heart Scotland

Went to Scotland last week to attend a seminar for young testis researchers. It was my second time in Edinburgh and the weather was just as I remembered, around 20 degrees Celsius and sunny.


Old town on the hill and New town down below. Lovely views and even better shops, I especially recommend:

the Red Door Gallery

Hannah Zakari

Paper Tiger

Studio One

The amazing changing rooms of White Stuff. Just open the wardrobe door and enter into another world!

Came home with a winter jacket, a skirt, several sweaters and some other, quite necessary, stuff.


And of course there was a seminar. The University just happened to be close to another hill. And in the evening they had us attend a Scottish Ceilidh – traditional dancing.

 And it is official – I love Scotland!

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