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Things I like January

I have been laughing a lot lately

At this blog sanasta sanaan which could possibly be written by my twin.

At these series:

and this of course

And this twitter feed, #overlyhonestmethods, revealing the truth behind scientific experiments

Some of my favorites:

“Incubation lasted three days because this is how long the undergrad forgot the experiment in the fridge.”

“We used this method because the buffers don’t need to be pH-ed.”

“A Northern blot was run instead of realtime QPCR because the PI is old and does not trust results unless he sees a band.”

“Buffers were prepared with the stock solutions inherited from the PhD student who left the lab a couple of years ago.”

“Reactions were preformed at lab room temperature i.e. TOO DAMN COLD.”

I see myself in so many of these and it is truly scary.



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Kon Tiki

The best movie I saw during Christmas was Kon Tiki. Based on the true story of Thor Heyerdahl’s travels from Peru to Polynesia. In the late 40’s he came up with the theory that the Polynesians originated from South-America, and to prove it he decided to sail from Peru on a raft made of balsa wood. The thing was that only one of the 6 crew members was a sailor and Thor himself could not even swim. Despite this, and without testing the ship’s durability, he set sails for a 100 day long journey on the Pacific.

Crazy, crazy scary movie and so well made.

Some main characters in the movie were the sharks circling around the raft. When I told my colleague Milena about it she showed me this film:

Well, I would still prefer to swim with dolphins.

I was so inspired by the movie that I had to go to the library and borrow a book on another one of Heyerdahl’s little trips – Tigris. Here he tries to see how the Sumerians could sail to Africa. I’ve only read a few pages so far but the story seems just as crazy as Kon Tiki. For one, the boat is made of a form of reed (vass) that absorbs water…

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Being a nerd

This has become a very nerdy day. First off I went to find some new glasses. I still don’t know which ones to pick. And yes, they are different.

Then I sat down with my lemon-ginger tea to watch all the reasons why we shouldn’t trust Billy Bob Thornton with our lives (I personally still trust Bruce Willis).

And my day will end with a documentary on Jean Giraud, who gave inspiration to my favourite genre; cyber punk (documentary shown on YleTeema at 9pm).

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Sitter och ser på Karin när hon pratar finska och det är så trevligt när hon säger saker som mööbeli och liideri – hennes blog är faktiskt en favorit! Och om du missade programmet finns det på yle areena 🙂

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I had nine out of ten of hullut päivät movie-tickets left this morning. Now I have eight. Eight to be used before the 31st of May. Are there that many good movies. I think not.

A proof of this is the one I went to see this morning – at 12.30. I have never been at a movie theatre that early before.

It was La Délicatesse with Audrey Tautou.

A French movie. A French movie that was 50% about allowing yourself to find love in the most unlikely places and 50% about dissing the Swedes.

Here is what the French think of Swedes:

1. They only eat Krisprolls and herring

2. They are tall and blond (not necessarily good-looking, which was a surprise to me)

3. They are depressed and listen to depressing music

4. And IKEA sucks

This is also all I got from this movie – it was not romantic, it was not enlightening, it did not give me any kind of emotion or though (except for “Why do Frenchmen hate Swedes?”)

I guess my point is this: don’t feel bad if you don’t get to see this movie.

And here is the trailer.

PS. You might wonder what other movies I’ll be forced to watch during the next month, the list is looking quite bleak:

One of the Snow White movies, one superhero movie, a cartoon, Hungergames, Men in Black III and (the only one I’m actually looking forward to) Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

That makes six movies… and eight tickets, would someone please stoop so low as to come with me to MIBIII – please!

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The latest album of Florence and The Machine. (Even though this song always makes me think of the coca-cola christmas jingle…)

The second season of Downton Abbey.

And all the Christmas presents I got!



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Sitter och läser bloggar med inno på i bakgrunden. Det måste vara världens bästa bakgrundsljud, två människor som viskpratar med varandra och som nu som då hummar lite förnöjt “Jooo…”

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