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This weekend I got to watch three really good movies. And non of them was from the US! (and as always, don’t watch the trailers if you intend on watching the actual movie)

On Friday I went hunting for Emma – the one with Gwyneth Paltrow. But unfortunately the people at Makuuni don’t consider this a classic (not so hard to understand since Sea Biscuit could be found on every shelf…). But this was quite lucky as I got to rent the French movie Micmacs instead.

Storyline: A man gets shot by accident and looses his apartment, job and clothes in the process. Already dealing with the death of his father, killed at work when disarming a landmine, he now faces a life on the streets. This is the final straw, and with the bullet still lodged in his brain he decides to bring down the weapons industry who caused him all this pain.

Even though the subject seems somewhat dark the movie is all but. The characters that the man meets and who become his companions in his quest, are so sweet. I only wish I knew more French as the dialogue would be much better in the original language. But all in all, a very lovely movie.

On Saturday I had the privilege to go to Henrica’s and watch a German movie, The Lives of Others. Henrica lives with a real movie buff and I found all my favourites in her shelfs. So it was a hard pick between Leon, Kill Bill I and the previously mentioned. But I’m so happy that we got to watch that particular movie – the only one I hadn’t already seen.

Storyline: East Germany, one of Stasi’s most devoted men gets a new mission. To spy on a famous play-writer and his actress girlfriend. The mission is to bring the man down, and it shouldn’t be that hard since you’ll always find something if you look hard enough. But then he starts to have doubts.

A story about being a good man. Truly beautiful, and scary.

On Sunday I remembered that I had the movie Wild Target on my computer. This is a British one.

Storyline: An assassin is hired to kill a young girl, a born thief who gets everything for free; clothes, food and men. But when he hesitates someone else tries to beat him to it and he finds himself protecting his own target.

Funny, quirky and a bit fingers in throat gammal gubbe sjuka (but you can live with that).



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I’m getting around

Traveling 6 days these past two weeks has made me into a lazy, hungry wreck who is now expecting there to be a swimming pool in my basement, or at least an eternal supply of coffee and arrak balls – unfortunately there is not…

Went for a three day trip to Gothenburg and Marstrand this week. It was pure luxury since the Swedes who invited us to their sex steroid conference had a huge amount of money and decided that we would have our own personal hotel rooms and access to the hotel spa.

This is the gang of people I had the pleasure of traveling with.

             The conference was held at Marstrand, an island on the westcoast. I think the pictures speak for themselves.

As a bonus we had some hours in Gothenburg before going to the airport and on top of that the weather was super nice and there was a shoe sale. I ended up with a pair of shoes that cost me 20 euros, a huge coconut ball and a great view of the city. (Note how we forced our pregnant colleague Katja to climb hundreds of stairs…)

Some culture shocks I experienced:

How Swedes use the word sexy. Like “that accent is not sexy” “it is not a sexy enough topic for this meeting” – it made me react (haja till) every time, even though I’m familiar with the custom.

And FYI, the sodastream is still popular in our neighbouring country. I had to beg to get some still water at the conference. Oh the hardships we face.

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Went out this Saturday. Not in the evening though (30.4) as I avoid moving through the minefield that is hundreds of drunken Finns. But during the day to find the most amazing candy shop, Sweet Shop, and Turku’s cutest design store Polkka Jam.

Bought a pillow with a print inspired by some of Turku’s older houses.

Went home, but the shopping spree didn’t end there – the internet and a visa card is not a good combination. Did some multitasking, watching an interview with Tina Fey while buying her book “Bossypants”. But Tina is a hero of mine, so it was well worth it. This is one of the reasons:

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