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I’m starting to realize what Mia meant when she said it is dangerous to live close to the city center – you buy a lot more than you would if it took you half an hours bus trip to get in to town.

But you get to see some lovely things as well.

Yesterday I found these for only 25 euros!

din sko

And a book with pictures of old embroideries (väggbonader). One verse went like this:

“Var fågeln lik min själ som på den minsta kvist sig svingar. Han känner hur den böjs, men sjunger likväl, han vet att han har vingar!”

“My soul be like the bird, who sits upon the smallest branch. He feels it bend but sings as well, for he knows that he has wings!”

(not as pretty when I translate it…)

And then I went for a makeup lesson.



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Woke up in the middle of the night and started thinking about the stupidity of rating TV-shows.

For instance, why do Wallander movies have an F15 rating and air after 10pm when a show like Emily of New Moon is considered family oriented and airs at 6pm, right after the regular children’s program?

I get serious angst watching Emily. Would you let your kids watch a series where these are the main characters:

– Emily, her mother died when E was very little and her father meets a similar faith when he suffers a heart attack while standing on a roof. Bonus: Emily can see ghosts.

-Aunt Laura is addicted to opium. Bonus: you get to see her in a mental asylum – ice bath and all.

-Aunt Elizabeth dies at sea. Bonus: Emily is the one to find the shipwreck including dead people floating around it.

-Cousin Jimmy falls in love with a woman who has been a victim of incest – and is pregnant because of it. Bonus: We get to see her kill her father with a letter holder.

Stupidity was the word.

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hjärta“…’cause today it just goes with the fashion”


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i parken

          Elvira  Levi  

Elvira, Edith and Levi

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My cousin André is getting married in a couple of weeks and I think I’ll be wearing these (otherwise I’d be completely black…)

blommor i håret

Living so close to the city center has its advantages. I eat a lot more strawberries, cherries and peas than usually and my apartment looks a lot nicer too.

rosor i mängder

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It started quite unnoticeable. I read book nr one, two and three of the Stephanie Plum series. And I thought they were really funny! Stephanie being a lousy bounty hunter, blowing up cars all the time, and having to work alongside an ex-whore and her grandmother who likes to look at corpses. It was hilarious! But now I’m at book nr 12 and let me tell you – there’s more action going on in bed than in the streets of Jersey!

And then came the TV-movies based on Nora Roberts’ books. Horrendous dramatizations where there’s always a woman who returns home, or finds her new place in life, or moves to a new town – but she is still haunted by her past, trying to find out if the guy she is seeing is her soul mate or could it be that HE is the one going around killing all of her loved ones… Oh, the excitement – not! If you’re not totally brain dead you’ve probably figured out the ending 10 minutes into the film.

And what is my latest must-see? Oh, but of course it’s “Ihanan Elisan tytär” – “La figlia di Elisa”. The series is set in the late 18th century where the Italians are ruled by the cruel French army. Agnese (the daughter of Elisa) returns to her home estate where she instantly falls in love withthe noble rebel, who accidentally happens to be the son of her mother’s sworn enemy… Oh yeah, the plot thickens, and we are now at episode 15/16 and everything looks quite grim for the two love birds. What will happen? One thing is for sure; at 8:50pm on Sunday evening, I’ll be sitting in front of the TV.

This is where you have to take a step back and look at what you’re actually doing. Would I ever in my life have started to read Janet Evanovich’s books if I knew what would come? And would I actually consider reading a book by Nora Roberts? The answer is of course no and NO.

So considering this I ask myself; does singlehood make your braincells die? Or is it just that women too can find themselves thinking with other parts of their bodies…?

Well, I have no time to ponder this since the series “Bonkers” is about to start. Here the lead lady’s fantasies come to life when she finds herself living with her favourite soap star – problem is, no one but she can see him…

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Some things


I got my 13th mumin-mug this weekend 🙂

At work I’m forced to wear a lab-coat from the 80’s, unfortunately my outfits lack the shoulderpads to fill it up.

In our office people spontaneously burst into song – “boom boom boom boom, I want you in my room, lets spend the night together, together in my room…”

My vacation will be week 31, 25.7-2.8!!

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